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unicodeFont - slow and blurry
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Author:  mamaorha [ Wed Apr 08, 2015 2:42 pm ]
Post subject:  unicodeFont - slow and blurry

i needed suppoert in "hebrew" so i used unicodeFont and i have a little problem with it.

i donno why its happening but my text is sometimes getting blurry (same letters sometimes work and sometimes doesnt) + it take much time to load.

i have different texts with different sizes so each text is on different unicode and its making the init take too long, maybe im doing it wrong?

anyway the main problem is the blur i get. (i noticed that with different sizes it get blury more - 22 suck, 24 good and thats only 1 example)

my code
java.awt.Font awtFont = new java.awt.Font("Arial", java.awt.Font.BOLD, fontSize);
         myFont = new UnicodeFont(awtFont);
         //english + numbers
         myFont.getEffects().add(new ColorEffect(color));

here is a pic
with some that looks good and some that look bad.
i will put the bad part in black border(it look a bit chewy - zoom in on the letters u will see it)

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