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[SOLVED-ish]Setting Up Slick Project With Ant
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Author:  aeonios [ Sat Dec 12, 2015 11:51 pm ]
Post subject:  [SOLVED-ish]Setting Up Slick Project With Ant

I'm currently working on an AI project for a real-time strategy game. The project is unfortunately not independent of the game and cannot be run standalone. It also does not have control over Djava.library.path and does not seem to be compatible with jarsplice. Worse yet, the game itself does not print jvm output which makes debugging library issues difficult.

The slick-ported version can be found here:

In order to support building it independently of IDE we're using ant to build it, which was working fine with every other library it uses, but not with slick.

In order to get around the limitations of the project itself I created a small test application which mimics the minimum functionality that I intend to use. This can be found at the same link as above, in the main directory and called SlickTest.7z. So far I can't get that to build or run properly either, as it's giving me classnotfound errors for BasicGame, and assuming that I reproduced whatever magical thing I did to make that error go away that one time I still get a classnotfound error for lwjgl. :| And that's with Djava.library.path set properly afaik.

I suspect that it's just that I've set up the options in ant incorrectly, but if anyone could figure out why it isn't finding the libraries correctly that would be a major help.

EDIT: I figured out how to get it to build and work, finally. Unfortunately the dependence between slick's framework and the gl code (and other things) makes it incompatible with my project. I ended up forking out all the graphics-related parts of slick and am currently working on updating them to lwjgl 3 and making it work as a standalone graphics library. Right now I'm strongly wishing that I could openGL. >_<

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