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Playing pieces of music in a certain order
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Author:  Chrisjde [ Sat May 18, 2019 6:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Playing pieces of music in a certain order

Firstly I'm very new to slick, java, and coding in general, I've been learning and working on this for about a week so please forgive me if I don't understand simple things or make very obvious mistakes.

so I've been playing around with a FF1 style JRPG, following various guides and tutorials and I've come to a roadblock with my music. I want to play the intro to a piece of music, followed by the main piece which will loop indefinitely. I thought it would be as simple as something like

if(intro.playing() == false){

but all that happens is the intro plays through once then silence. I'm probably making a very obvious mistake but I can't seem to spot it or find anything about it online.

Thanks for your help, sorry if this is a silly question

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