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AppGameContainer or ApplicationGDXContainer?
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Author:  laysteel [ Mon Nov 24, 2014 8:20 pm ]
Post subject:  AppGameContainer or ApplicationGDXContainer?

Hello Slick-Forum Members!
I hope some of you are still active in this forum since it doesnt really look like it at least not in the Android section....
Im a beginner in Java game programming and basicly my first game is finished in the Desktop-Version and i began to port it to Android.

Now to the real problem:
I have the problem that as soon as i start my Android port, it loads the textures, gets no out of memory errors and doesnt complain about any java.awt stuff because i already removed these problems. But what happens is when the Game should start, it does and then closes right away. No error message, no errors in Logcat, nothing.
I also tried the SlickAEdemo that Kenkron provided us with and it works fine there.
My first thought was that the SlickAEDemo project uses ApplicationGDXContainer while mine uses the AppGameContainer because I have never seen the AppGameContainer being used for Slick-ae in the Forum posts i went trough to fix earlier issues.
could this be the reason or is it even possible to use the AppGameContainer for Android?
If not, is it easy to switch the containers? Because i tried to do so and i got stuck with alot of errors like when clicking in the game it instantly crashes and gives me some error with the input (i cant think of the exact error message right now but i could provide it if its really needed).

i know you might facepalm right now but as i said i am still learning.
Thanks for all the help in advance! even if you only know a little about this, i couldn'd find anything in the Forums so PLEASE post! :mrgreen:

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