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yet another newbie questions..
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Author:  omomthings [ Sat Nov 14, 2015 10:32 am ]
Post subject:  yet another newbie questions..

Hello everyone, i just discovered the ECS concept and I spent the last week trying to entirely understand the concepts and all of its facets, for now i got the basics concepts:
-Components are as small as possible
-Components don't describe any game logic, just data
-Entity is an empty element that holds Components, we just put the corresponding components as fields,
-Systems/Managers collectively represents the game loop logic as they iterate through each Entity that have some specific Aspects(Components)

But in practice it gets more tricky, so my questions are the following:
-As the Entities holds the Components, what do hold the Entities? Managers? Systems?
-Where should I instantiate an Entity and pass to it the corresponding Components that defines it?
e.g. Should I create a EnemyEntity class that holds an instance of an Entity and then put the corresponding Aspects there?
-Each system process on a unique/small group of Aspects, that's right? e.g. MoveSystem acts on PositionComponent & PhysicsComponent etc , DieSystem acts only on HealthComponent.. ?
-Systems act on component without carrying about the entity that holds it, right?

Thank you for any answer i may get things wrong but it's a REALLY different concept tough..

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