Package org.newdawn.slick.font.effects

Interface Summary
ConfigurableEffect An effect that has a number of configuration values.
ConfigurableEffect.Value Represents a configurable value for an effect.
Effect A graphical effect that is applied to glyphs in a UnicodeFont.

Class Summary
ColorEffect Makes glyphs a solid color.
EffectUtil Provides utility methods for effects.
FilterEffect Applys a BufferedImageOp filter to glyphs.
GradientEffect Paints glyphs with a gradient fill.
OutlineEffect Strokes glyphs with an outline.
OutlineWobbleEffect An effect that genrates a wobbly line around the outline of the text
OutlineZigzagEffect An effect to generate a uniformly zigzaging line around text
ShadowEffect An effect to generate soft shadows beneath text

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