org.newdawn.slick.command Provides abstract input by mapping physical device inputs (mouse, keyboard and controllers) to abstract commands that are relevant to a particular game.
org.newdawn.slick.fills Fill effects used to colour and mogrify shapes during rendering
org.newdawn.slick.geom Simple geometric wrappers that can be used for rendering and collision.
org.newdawn.slick.gui Some extremely simple GUI elements which should be used where a game does not require a full GUI
org.newdawn.slick.imageout Supports saving of slick images to various file types.
org.newdawn.slick.loading Adds support for deferring loading of resources to a set time to allow loading/progress bar style effects.
org.newdawn.slick.muffin Muffins for storing local data
org.newdawn.slick.openal This package contains the nitty gritty sound manipulation code for using OpenAL with standard audio formats.
org.newdawn.slick.opengl This package contains the nitty gritty image manipulation code for using OpenGL with standard image formats.
org.newdawn.slick.particles The particle engine maintains a set of small sprites being controlled by emitters to give some special effect.
org.newdawn.slick.particles.effects This package should contain stock effects for simple particle systems.
org.newdawn.slick.state State based games allow the game to be broken down into the different activities the player may take part in, for instance menu, highscores, play and credits.
org.newdawn.slick.svg Demo/Test SVG area.
org.newdawn.slick.tests Tests for the facilities provided by the library.
org.newdawn.slick.tests.states States for the StateBasedGameTest
org.newdawn.slick.tests.xml Tests for the XML Parser and Object Tree Parser
org.newdawn.slick.tiled Contains utilities for working with the TilED ( utility for creating tiled maps.
org.newdawn.slick.util Utilities to support the library.
org.newdawn.slick.util.pathfinding A set of classes to provide configurable A* path finding on tilebased maps
org.newdawn.slick.util.xml Some utilities for reading XML using Java DOM and for mapping XML onto existing data models


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