Package org.newdawn.slick.svg

Demo/Test SVG area.


Interface Summary
Loader Description of a simple XML loader

Class Summary
Diagram A diagram read from SVG containing multiple figures
Figure A figure that is part of diagram loaded from SVG
Gradient A gradient definition from an SVG file, includes the stops, name and transform.
InkscapeLoader A loader specifically for the SVG that is produced from Inkscape
LinearGradientFill A filler for shapes that applys SVG linear gradients
NonGeometricData A set of data about a shape that doesn't fit into it's geometric configuration.
RadialGradientFill A filler to apply a SVG radial gradient across a shape
SimpleDiagramRenderer A very primtive implementation for rendering a diagram.
SVGMorph A utility to allow morphing between a set of similar SVG diagrams

Exception Summary
ParsingException Exception indicating a failure to parse XML, giving element information

Package org.newdawn.slick.svg Description

Demo/Test SVG area. Tiny line is integrated to render-to-texture - however a full implementation is to follow rendering SVG to OpenGL geometric shapes.

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