Package org.newdawn.slick.geom

Simple geometric wrappers that can be used for rendering and collision.


Interface Summary
GeomUtilListener Debug listener for notifications assocaited with geometry utilities
TexCoordGenerator A class capable of generating texture coordiantes based on rendering positions of verticies.
Triangulator A collection of triangles

Class Summary
BasicTriangulator Triangulates a polygon into triangles - duh.
Circle A simple Circle geometry
Curve A beizer curve implementation.
Ellipse An ellipse meeting the Shape contract.
GeomUtil A set of utilities to play with geometry
Line Implemenation of a bunch of maths functions to do with lines.
MannTriangulator A 2D Triangulator.
MorphShape A shape that morphs between a set of other shapes
NeatTriangulator A second triangulator that seems slightly more robust
OverTriangulator A triangulator implementation that splits the triangules of another, subdividing to give a higher tesselation - and hence smoother transitions.
Path A shape built from lines and curves.
Point A single point shape
Polygon A polygon implementation meeting the Shape contract.
Rectangle An axis oriented used for shape bounds
RoundedRectangle Class to create rounded rectangles with.
Shape The description of any 2D shape that can be transformed.
Transform A 2 dimensional transformation that can be applied to Shape implemenations.
Vector2f A two dimensional vector

Package org.newdawn.slick.geom Description

Simple geometric wrappers that can be used for rendering and collision.

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