Package org.newdawn.slick.util

Utilities to support the library.


Interface Summary
LogSystem Plugin in interface for the logging of Slick
ResourceLocation A location from which resources can be loaded

Class Summary
Bootstrap Utility class to wrap up starting a game in a single line
BufferedImageUtil This is a utility class that allows you to convert a BufferedImage into a texture.
ClasspathLocation A resource location that searches the classpath
DefaultLogSystem The default implementation that just spits the messages out to stdout
FastTrig Utility to handle Java's odd trig performance issues
FileSystemLocation A resource loading location that searches somewhere on the classpath
FontUtils Simple utility class to support justified text
InputAdapter An implement implementation of the InputListener interface
LocatedImage An image along with state information that allows it to be drawn without specifing the state in which to render.
Log A simple central logging system
MaskUtil A utility to provide full screen masking
ResourceLoader A simple wrapper around resource loading should anyone decide to change their minds how this is meant to work in the future.

Exception Summary
OperationNotSupportedException Thrown to indicate that a limited implementation of a class can not support the operation requested.

Package org.newdawn.slick.util Description

Utilities to support the library. Basically anything that didn't fit elsewhere.

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