Package org.newdawn.slick

Interface Summary
ControlledInputReciever Description of any class capable of recieving and controlling it's own reception of input You'll shouldn't really need to implement this one for your self, use one of the sub-interfaces: InputListener MouseListener KeyListener ControllerListener
ControllerListener Description of classes capable of responding to controller events
Font The proprites of any font implementation
Game The main game interface that should be implemented by any game being developed using the container system.
InputListener A listener that will be notified of keyboard, mouse and controller events
KeyListener Describes classes capable of responding to key presses
MouseListener Description of classes that respond to mouse related input events
MusicListener The description of any class needing to recieve notification of changes to music state.
Renderable Description of anything that can be drawn
ShapeFill A filling method for a shape.

Class Summary
AngelCodeFont A font implementation that will parse BMFont format font files.
Animation A utility to hold and render animations
AppGameContainer A game container that will display the game as an stand alone application.
AppletGameContainer A game container that displays the game as an applet.
BasicGame A basic implementation of a game to take out the boring bits
BigImage An image implementation that handles loaded images that are larger than the maximum texture size supported by the card.
CachedRender A set of rendering that is cached onto the graphics card and hopefully is quicker to render.
CanvasGameContainer A game container that displays the game on an AWT Canvas.
Color A simple wrapper round the values required for a colour
GameContainer A generic game container that handles the game loop, fps recording and managing the input system
Graphics A graphics context that can be used to render primatives to the accelerated canvas provided by LWJGL.
Image An image loaded from a file and renderable to the canvas
ImageBuffer A utility for creating images from pixel operations Expected usage is: ImageBuffer buffer = new ImageBuffer(320,200); buffer.setRGBA(100,100,50,50,20,255); ..
Input A wrapped for all keyboard, mouse and controller input
Music A piece of music loaded and playable within the game.
PackedSpriteSheet A sprite sheet packed and defined by the Pacific Software Image Packer available from:
SavedState A utility to allow game setup/state to be stored locally.
ScalableGame A wrapper to allow any game to be scalable.
Sound A single sound effect loaded from either OGG or XM/MOD file.
SpriteSheet A sheet of sprites that can be drawn individually
SpriteSheetFont A font implementation that will use the graphics inside a SpriteSheet for its data.
TrueTypeFont A TrueType font implementation for Slick
UnicodeFont A Slick bitmap font that can display unicode glyphs from a TrueTypeFont.
UnicodeFont.DisplayList A simple descriptor for display lists cached within this font
XMLPackedSheet A sprite sheet based on an XML descriptor generated from the simple slick tool

Exception Summary
SlickException A generic exception thrown by everything in the library

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