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Packages that use Graphics
org.newdawn.slick.gui Some extremely simple GUI elements which should be used where a game does not require a full GUI 
org.newdawn.slick.state State based games allow the game to be broken down into the different activities the player may take part in, for instance menu, highscores, play and credits. 
org.newdawn.slick.svg Demo/Test SVG area. 
org.newdawn.slick.tests Tests for the facilities provided by the library. 
org.newdawn.slick.tests.states States for the StateBasedGameTest 

Uses of Graphics in org.newdawn.slick

Fields in org.newdawn.slick declared as Graphics
protected static Graphics Graphics.currentGraphics
          The last graphics context in use

Methods in org.newdawn.slick that return Graphics
 Graphics Image.getGraphics()
          Get a graphics context that can be used to draw to this image
 Graphics GameContainer.getGraphics()
          Get the graphics context used by this container.
 Graphics BigImage.getGraphics()
          Not supported in BigImage

Methods in org.newdawn.slick with parameters of type Graphics
 void ScalableGame.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void Game.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
          Render the game's screen here.
protected  void ScalableGame.renderOverlay(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
          Render the overlay that will sit over the scaled screen
static void Graphics.setCurrent(Graphics current)
          Set the current graphics context in use

Uses of Graphics in org.newdawn.slick.gui

Methods in org.newdawn.slick.gui with parameters of type Graphics
 void TextField.render(GUIContext container, Graphics g)
 void MouseOverArea.render(GUIContext container, Graphics g)
 void BasicComponent.render(GUIContext container, Graphics g)
abstract  void AbstractComponent.render(GUIContext container, Graphics g)
          Render this component to the screen
abstract  void BasicComponent.renderImpl(GUIContext container, Graphics g)
          Deprecated. Allow the sub-component to render

Uses of Graphics in org.newdawn.slick.opengl.pbuffer

Subclasses of Graphics in org.newdawn.slick.opengl.pbuffer
 class FBOGraphics
          A graphics implementation that renders to an FBO
 class PBufferGraphics
          A graphics implementation that renders to a PBuffer
 class PBufferUniqueGraphics
          A graphics implementation that renders to a PBuffer using a unique context, i.e.

Methods in org.newdawn.slick.opengl.pbuffer that return Graphics
static Graphics GraphicsFactory.getGraphicsForImage(Image image)
          Get a graphics context for a particular image

Uses of Graphics in org.newdawn.slick.state

Methods in org.newdawn.slick.state with parameters of type Graphics
protected  void StateBasedGame.postRenderState(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
          User hook for rendering at the game level after the current state and/or transition have been rendered
protected  void StateBasedGame.preRenderState(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
          User hook for rendering at the before the current state and/or transition have been rendered
 void StateBasedGame.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void GameState.render(GameContainer container, StateBasedGame game, Graphics g)
          Render this state to the game's graphics context

Uses of Graphics in org.newdawn.slick.state.transition

Methods in org.newdawn.slick.state.transition with parameters of type Graphics
 void VerticalSplitTransition.postRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void Transition.postRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
          Render the transition over the existing state rendering
 void SelectTransition.postRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void RotateTransition.postRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void HorizontalSplitTransition.postRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void FadeOutTransition.postRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void FadeInTransition.postRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void EmptyTransition.postRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void CrossStateTransition.postRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void CombinedTransition.postRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void BlobbyTransition.postRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void CrossStateTransition.postRenderSecondState(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
          Notification that the transition is has just rendered the second state is the cross transition.
 void VerticalSplitTransition.preRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void Transition.preRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
          Render the transition before the existing state rendering
 void SelectTransition.preRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void RotateTransition.preRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void HorizontalSplitTransition.preRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void FadeOutTransition.preRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void FadeInTransition.preRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void EmptyTransition.preRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void CrossStateTransition.preRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void CombinedTransition.preRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void BlobbyTransition.preRender(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void CrossStateTransition.preRenderFirstState(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
          Notification that the transition is about to render the first state is the cross transition.
 void CrossStateTransition.preRenderSecondState(StateBasedGame game, GameContainer container, Graphics g)
          Notification that the transition is about to render the second state is the cross transition.

Uses of Graphics in org.newdawn.slick.svg

Methods in org.newdawn.slick.svg with parameters of type Graphics
 void SimpleDiagramRenderer.render(Graphics g)
          Render the diagram to the given graphics context
static void SimpleDiagramRenderer.render(Graphics g, Diagram diagram)
          Utility method to render a diagram in immediate mode

Uses of Graphics in org.newdawn.slick.tests

Methods in org.newdawn.slick.tests with parameters of type Graphics
 void UnicodeFontTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void TrueTypeFontPerformanceTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void TransparentColorTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void TransformTest2.render(GameContainer contiainer, Graphics g)
 void TransformTest.render(GameContainer contiainer, Graphics g)
 void TileMapTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void TexturePaintTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void TestBox.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void SpriteSheetFontTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void SoundURLTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void SoundTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void SoundPositionTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void SlickCallableTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void ShapeTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void ScalableTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void SavedStateTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void PureFontTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void PolygonTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void PedigreeTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void ParticleTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void PackedSheetTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void NavMeshTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
          Render the game - in this case render the map and diagnostic data
 void MusicListenerTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void MorphShapeTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void MorphSVGTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void LineRenderTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void LameTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void KeyRepeatTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void IsoTiledTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void InputTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void InputProviderTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void InkscapeTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void ImageTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void ImageReadTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void ImageOutTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void ImageMemTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void ImageGraphicsTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void ImageCornerTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void ImageBufferTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void ImageBufferEndianTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void GraphicsTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void GradientTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void GradientImageTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void GeomUtilTileTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void GeomUtilTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void GeomTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void GeomAccuracyTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void GUITest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void FontTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void FontPerformanceTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void FlashTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void DuplicateEmitterTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void DoubleClickTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void DistanceFieldTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void DeferredLoadingTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void CurveTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void CopyAreaAlphaTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void ClipTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void CanvasSizeTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void CanvasContainerTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void CachedRenderTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void BigSpriteSheetTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void BigImageTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void AntiAliasTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void AnimationTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)
 void AlphaMapTest.render(GameContainer container, Graphics g)

Uses of Graphics in org.newdawn.slick.tests.states

Methods in org.newdawn.slick.tests.states with parameters of type Graphics
 void TestState3.render(GameContainer container, StateBasedGame game, Graphics g)
 void TestState2.render(GameContainer container, StateBasedGame game, Graphics g)
 void TestState1.render(GameContainer container, StateBasedGame game, Graphics g)

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